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          The Kingfisher Methodist Episcopal Church was founded on June 12, 1889 in Kingfisher, in the Oklahoma Territory, in a tent that the night before had played host to a boxing prize fight.  One week later the church accepted an offer of free land given by the Mayor G. Hubbard, the first mayor of Kingfisher, to establish a church at the corner 6th and Miles.  For several months the congregation met in a room over the local drug store, under the leadership of Rev. E. C. Delaplain who along with members of the congregation completed the first church building at the corner of 6th and Miles and for 28 years the congregation worship at that location.  After 28 years at the corner of 6th and Miles on March 15, 1917 the congregation voted to build a new church on the southwest corner of Main and Broadway and on Easter Sunday 1918 the church dedicated the Kingfisher First Methodist Episcopal Church.  

          Completed in 1918 at a astronomical cost of $35,000 the church was the center of much of the communities activities.  In 1968 an educational wing was added on to the south side of the building.  For over 100 years the church boldly ministered to people of Kingfisher, Oklahoma and the world beyond as it stood as a beacon at the corner of US Highway 33 and US Highway 81 people throughout Oklahoma and beyond used the church as a landmark in their travels.  And today the congregation continues to thrive in it's new location on South 13th in Southwest Kingfisher, just south of Kingfisher High School.  On September 1, 2019 the congregation proudly consecrated their new church to the service of God and Christ.  

                                                                                                                  OUR STAINED GLASS

         One of the most striking fixtures of our 1918 church was our stained glass windows that adorned not only our sanctuary but the entirety of the historic church, total the church boasted 68 different stained glass windows.  Most of the stained glass windows were installed in the 1920's and early 1930's in honor of family members within the congregation.  In the 1990's a massive restoration project was begun to protect the windows from the outside elements and to preserve the structural support around the stained glass.  When the decision was made to build the new church on South 13th in 2019  the church was designed to incorporate the history of the stained glass into the new building.  Certainly it was not possible to take all the stained glass with us and some was auctioned off to church members, but some of the most historic windows were added to the new church as a reminder of our roots and the proud history of our church, below are just some of the stained glass windows that made the journey with us! 

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